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Nomad Kit Shop

Professional Fitting Service

If you want peace of mind, then select a professional fitting so that we can arrange a fitting date perfect for you. 

Battery Shop

With modern leisure vehicles featuring more technology and electrical appliances than ever before, buying an NCC Verified Leisure Battery gives you the confidence that the battery you purchase for use is fit for purpose and make the most of your NOMAD solar kit. 

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  • How big are the solar panels provided?
    You must ensure your vehicle has the correct amount of space before making a purchase! NOMAD Kit -130w - x1 130w Panel @ 0.35m x 2.8m NOMAD Kit - 260w - x2 130w Panel @ 0.35m x 2.8m NOMAD Kit - 310w - x1 310w Panel @ 1.3m x 1.7m NOMAD Kit - 310w Dual Charge - x1 310w Panel @ 1.3m x 1.7m All panels are only 3mm thin and super flexible!
  • How much do the NOMAD Kits weigh?
    The panels are super lightweight and only 3mm thin, making the total weight on a kit ~5kg.
  • How long do the NOMAD Kits take to fit?
    Our professional installation by either an AWS approved engineer or TRAILAR engineer can have the system fitted normally within ~4 hours. A DIY fit, depending on your experience, could also take around the same time using our fitting instructions.
  • What's the professional fitting availability like?
    We have mobile fitters available throughout the UK through NCC Group Approved Workshop Scheme. In addition, we have our own fitting division though our parent company, TRAILAR. Depending on the fitting location we aim to complete the fitting within 14 days.
  • How much energy do my appliances consume?
    A table of standard appliances and their average consumptions can be found above, and expected power output from our panels can be found within each products profile. If you are still unsure, there are various free to use online energy calculators available.
  • What components are included in the NOMAD Kits?
    All full list of parts and components is detailed on each of the products pages.
  • Do I need a new battery?
    Our engineers will check your batteries when completing a fitting, but we advise to ensure you are using a sufficient and healthy battery before purchasing a NOMAD Kit, in order to make the most of your new solar panels!
  • Can you replace my existing rigid solar panels?
    Yes! Our engineers can replace your current solar system with a NOMAD Kit.
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