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A “toast” to our collaborative partnership with Hovis!

Sustainability is an integral “slice” of the Hovis business.

Committed to retaining a company which is fit for the future and works for the planet they’ve now teamed up with TRAILAR to innovate their fleet! 🚚

Tony Stuart – Hovis Head of Logistics Operations Support

“The Hovis team and I have been working closely with the TRAILAR for nearly 2 years, with innovating our transport being the core goal of this collaborative partnership.

Throughout this time, TRAILAR have been focused and listened to what is most important to our operations. Because of that, we’ve seen the technology rapidly develop into the powerful piece of fleet equipment it is today.

Integrating TRAILAR’s technology into the fleet has allowed us to deliver a more sustainable service sooner, as well as proactively maintaining our heavily utilised rigids. This will become even more beneficial as any fleet ages, and maintenance can begin to impact service. With the systems performance being independent of the driver’s behaviour, the implementation is seamless and simply becomes part of BAU operations.

The TRAILAR Insights telematics platform has also provided us that next level of detail surrounding the fitted vehicles, allowing us to make better business decisions and highlighting operational problems for us to proactively rectify before they cause any impacts to service.

As we continue to work closely with the TRAILAR team, we will be soon expanding across our trailer fleet, with the newest Trailer-to-tractor product which will look to increase our fleets sustainability and performance even further. I have been working on a collaborative project with TRAILAR’s technical team which the whole transport industry will benefit from, so watch this space.”

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