EXIDE EQUIPMENT GEL - Superior Battery - ES1600


Equipment Gel batteries are designed to supply power for best-equipped motorhomes & caravans. Its construction provides high mounting flexibility (in passenger room, on the side, saving up to 30% of space), service advantages (absolutely maintenance free, suitable for long resting periods) and robustness (high vibration & tilt resistant, spill-proof, leakproof). Built in Gel technology (electrolyte fixed in a gel) with VRLA venting (valve regulated) covers a Wh* performance range from 900Wh to 2400Wh, making it a great choice for most modern and demanding recreational vehicles.

Equipment Gel - 12V 140AH

VAT Included |
  • L513 x W223 x H223

  • All the batteries we supply are NCC Verified with battery verification coming via a comprehensive, industry leading, testing process conducted by suitably certified and audited test houses. Batteries will be verified and labelled accordingly, into three categories: A, B and C, depending on their capacity and intended purpose. 



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