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CV Show success for TRAILAR, with new van & trailer solutions

After a successful exhibition at the 2018 IAA in Hanover, the TRAILAR team set its eyes on the 2019 Commercial Vehicle Show at the NEC. The perfect stage to unveil our newest exciting solutions and system features alongside our partners, Ryder and Truckcraft Bodies.

The first of these exciting solutions was the 3.5t refrigerated van, which has been created in partnership with Truckcraft Bodies. Given that the refrigeration unit is directly driven from the vehicle's engine, the TRAILAR solution steps in to create a new green power source from which the unit can draw from. This leads to a reduction fuel use to maintain fridge temperature, which in turn reduces a customer’s emissions and fuel spend. The vehicle proved incredibly popular with contacts from UK’s largest supermarkets, with them seeing it as a huge opportunity to not only innovate their current home delivery fleet, but their future EV fleet also.

The second new product was the solution for both single and double deck trailers. This solution allows for a customer trailer to become electrically self-sufficient, removing the need to connect an Anderson lead to the tractor unit, with the tail lift and internal decks now utilising the free harvested energy. As well as reducing maintenance costs and improving tractor fuel-efficiency, this self-sufficiency allows for increased operational readiness of each trailer. DHL Express UK were quick to recognise these benefits, with their new double deck trailers ordered for 2019, to be equipped with the trailer solution.

The final addition is the new version 3 “Smart Controller System”. With a new charge controller, increased number of sensors, GPS, and an improved IP rated casing, customers will now benefit from the most advanced system to date. They will also have the ability to view live data, through their own online dashboard.

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