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Ryder named as exclusive UK provider of TRAILAR solar technology for rigid trucks

Ryder, a leading independent provider of commercial vehicle contract hire, rental, and maintenance services in the UK, has partnered with TRAILAR, fuel and emission reduction technology experts, to become the exclusive provider of the TRAILAR system for rigid vehicles that uses cutting edge solar technology.

Long-term Ryder customer DHL is one of the first UK operators to adopt this technology, having invested in TRAILAR as part of its declared target of zero emissions by 2050. In order to decrease supply chain costs and reduce its carbon footprint, DHL fitted the solar matting system to the roofs of sixteen 18 tonne rigid vehicles working on the Primark contract, with impressive results. In the 12 months of operation, the vehicles fitted with the TRAILAR system achieved on average a 5% fuel saving compared to non-solar vehicles on the same contract. A corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions of 64 tonnes was also achieved in that 12-month period.

“We’re constantly seeking out innovation in our supply chain that delivers cost savings. If a combination of cost saving and environmental impact can be achieved in conjunction with each other, then we are all for it. This is why we chose to engage in the TRAILAR project. It’s delivering both savings and reducing our carbon footprint,” said Wendy Foster, Primark’s Fleet Manager.

TRAILAR Co-Founder Denny Hulme added: “Partnering with Ryder as our exclusive provider of the rigid product is an exciting time for all involved. Independent tests and two years of vehicle tracking have confirmed an average 5% fuel saving and reduced emissions. We can now offer Ryder’s customers a fantastic opportunity to turn their vehicle fleets greener and cleaner while at the same time achieving considerable fuel savings.”

Ryder VP and Managing Director David Hunt commented: “We are excited to be partnering exclusively with TRAILAR on its innovative solar technology for commercial vehicles. This is a unique opportunity to help fleet operators deliver on their green credentials while at the same time reducing their maintenance costs and boosting their uptime. Innovation is at the heart of our organisation, and the TRAILAR system is the perfect fit for Ryder and for our customers, and we are looking forward to helping them deliver on their promises.”

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